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Chanel Couture Fall 2009
la_mode_tribune wrote in karl_lagerfeld
Couture... If it doesn't fit perfectly - it's a disaster. If it does then you're lucky one touched by a hand of great fashion maestro. When we speak about maestros, especially in couture, there are not so many names to refer to.. One of them is Karl Lagerfeld, whose genial artistic dresses and suits are created to make the world perfect, at least when we look to the mirror.

This year Karl Lagerfeld has created something special, something that fo me has opened new era of sophistication. Maestro said that now it's time for modesty and his modest dresses which make one to tremble definitely prove that. Gorgeous suits and weightless dresses turn simple woman into godess and this is what Lagerfeld's genius means - to make one ordinary to feel special.

Tiny gloves and diamond-satin heats make total look unbelievable. The world doesn't exist till you decide to look at it from your stunning veil.

Men will be conquered by your feets in those shoes covered with stones and pants created in conditions of middle ages art.

Even if you're not such kind of a woman and you don't want to conquer anybody, Karl created Chanel suits just for you. They will be at the right place at work and at the dinner, all you need just a little fantasy to add something you like to these fabulous looks to make them your own way. Just don't try to much, you can hide Lagerfeld's sense of beauty. 


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